Issues with managing Bot Registration Properties

I've seen quite a few questions recently about issues managing the Bot Registration properties. While working with the Bot Services, you might need to make some changes to the properties, such as generating a new password or adding a Co-owner to the Bot. You can edit the Bot Registration properties by going to the Settings blade, and then to Manage link, next to the Microsoft App ID. These steps are also outlined in the documentation for how to register a bot with Bot Service

When you click on the Manage link, it should open up the Registration properties on, where you can manage the App Password, the Platform, the Owners, the Permissions, etc.

If you don't have the right permissions to manage the Bot Registration properties, you will see an error message, saying "The application was not found. The application no longer exists, or is not associated with your account."

However, it's not clear from the error message what permissions you are missing to be able to manage the Registration properties. If you believe that you should have the necessary permissions, but still see the above error message, you might be in the following scenario:

  1. You have access to more than one tenant AND
  2. You are creating the bot in a tenant that is not your default (The default tenant is the one that is automatically selected when you first sign into Azure in an incognito window.)

If the two conditions above are met, you will see the error message when trying to manage the Bot Registration properties because it is not possible to manage application registrations that are not in the user's default tenant.

The challenge here is that there is no way of changing the default tenant in Azure, at least for now. This feature might be added in the future, but until then the workaround you may pursue is the following:

  • Browse the logged in with the application owner account
  • Try to see if you can force the URL to reach the application:<app id>
  • Test the same URL but this time logged in as the Global Admin of the directory.

You should be able to manage the Bot Registration properties using the above workaround while logged in as application owner or Global Admin of the directory.

For creating other bots in the future, another possibility is to set up an account that is only in the default tenant, and use that to create the bot.

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By Roxana Gheorghe