John Jansen

I like data. I come to FrontPage with the experience of having taught English (moved the class to be entirely online back in 1999 using FrontPage 98 and PageMill 2.0), maintained an Access database of properties for a real estate company, and supported FrontPage 2000 and 2002. I moved to the Test team at the beginning of the dev cycle for FrontPage 2003 and own testing the Data View Web Part.

I like beer. I come to Seattle with the experience of having drank Bud and Coors (Colorado had a 3.2% liquor law so when I was 18 it was legal for me to drink beer - whoo hoo), moved up to Miller, and mixed in some gin and tonic. I moved to Guinness shortly after discovering what good beer is and now keep a beer-fridge in my office.

I like hockey. Nuff said. Go Avalanche.