Building and Publishing Web Sites containing F# Code (Windows Azure Training in F#, Part One)

The indefatigable Sir Eel has published a series on the The Windows Azure Training Kit in F#. Part 1 covers building and publishing Window Azure web sites which contain F# code.

Part 1 - WATK in F#, Part 1: Building and Publishing Windows Azure Web Sites

Here begins a series of posts showing how I used F# to write some of the Hands-On Labs in the Windows Azure Training Kit (WATK). WATK is a good way to learn the basics of Windows Azure development, but all the labs and samples are in C#. I want to show what it takes to write the HOLs in F# instead.

Part 2 - WATK in F#, Part 2: Deploying an Azure Web Site with Git

Part 3 - WATK in F#, Part 3: Using Entity Framework with an Azure Database



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