F# + GPGPU - Financial Services Developer Forum (.NET in the City) - Thursday 16th May 2013

Join our Microsoft Developer Evangelist Team, and Financials Services Account team, at the next Developers and Architects Forum for the Finance Sector. Come together to talk all things Microsoft and development with peers across the industry 

This exclusive Microsoft event is aimed at Developers and Architects from the Financial Services sector, providing an opportunity to learn about some of the new developer capabilities, and best practices, designed to help drive leading edge Microsoft Applications

Combining the computational power of GPUs with the functional elegance of F#, Dr Daniel Egloff from QuantAlea (www.quantalea.net)will talk about, and demo, F#, building CUDA accelerated GPU applications by compiling F# code to an executable GPU code. Maximising application performance with GPU acceleration is a hot topic and Daniel has successfully applied F# on GPUs in productive systems for derivative pricing, risk calculations and statistical analysis. 

Register by emailing: Roger.Davidson@microsoft.com