Learn How to Create an Internet Game Using F#, C#, and ASP.NET

We have just released a new MSDN sample and tutorial that shows how to use F# and C# in a Windows Azure cloud service. If you are interested in cloud programming with F# or any other language, we encourage you try out the sample!

The sample is a crossword game called WordGrid, which is reminiscent of Scrabble, Words with Friends and similar games. It shows some basic concepts of cloud programming in F#, such as using Windows Azure queues in F#, and using type providers to access a Windows Azure SQL database.  It also demonstrates how you might use F# and C# together in an ASP.NET MVC 4 web role.

Get started with an overview and setup instructions here, and dive into the code by reviewing the article here. You can find the sample code itself on CodePlex.


Gordon and Donna, for the Visual F# Team

[ Further information on the F# Cloud Programming can be found at http://fsharp.org/cloud ]