The Progressive F# Tutorials, New York City, September 18-19

The Progressive F# Tutorials are returning to New York City on September 18-19th! The Progressive F# Tutorials bring together the leading experts in F# to deliver a range of talks, 4 hour intensive hands-on tutorials and discussions, allowing attendees to truly deep dive and develop hands-on experience.

With the help of Rick Minerich SkillsMatter have put together a super exciting programme, featuring both an advanced track and a track for beginners. Alongside Don Syme, the designer of F#, the conference features other leading F# contributors including Tomas Petricek, Phil Trelford, and Miguel de Icaza and more!! There is a Beginners Track and a Meaty Track for more F# content.

See the SkillsMatter site for the Progressive F# Tutorials in New York for the draft program and to register, and follow #progfsharp and @skillsmatter on twitter. 

The Visual F# Team