Visual F# has moved to GitHub

It’s official, the Visual F# project has moved from Codeplex to GitHub! Our new home is

This brings us closer to the longtime home of the F# Open Edition, addresses one of our top bugs, and puts us on the same hosting platform as other great Microsoft open source projects like .NET Core, Typescript, and (soon) Roslyn.

We ask our community to move all development activities to the GitHub repo, starting today.

A few bits of bookkeeping:

  • History will remain fully intact. We are just re-hosting our git repo from Codeplex to GitHub.
  • PRs remaining on Codeplex will be discussed, serviced, and closed from there, they do not need to be migrated. We will merge those changes and push them to GitHub.
  • Issues open on Codeplex will remain there for the time being, with a migration plan TBD.
  • Discussions on Codeplex will not be migrated. Any new “discussions” should be opened as GitHub issues.