STS: A palindromic word I will remember

Continuing searching palindromic sqaure numbers finds a new record number, a 55 digit parlindromic square:

 1373512530649258635292477609^ 2 = 1886536671850530641991373196913731991460350581766356881

Quite a few records for other palindromic sequences have also been broken my multi-core searching algorithm. Check for details.

But the focus of this posting is really about a simple palindromic acronym: STS, which stands for Science Talent Search. It is a science/math competition for high-school seniors sponsored by Intel.

STS has just announced their 40 finalists for the year of 2007 (, and our son is the lucky one from Washington state. His research paper is titled: Explicit Equations in the Plane for Elliptic Curves Given as Space Quartics.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks Intel for promoting science/math in schools.