XPS Performance

There will be two XPS related sessions at Winhec 2007 tomorrow, focusing on Performance Optimization for XPS Document.

The techincal presentation (CLN-T371 ) will be at 8:30am to 9:30am in Room 502AB. Shortly after that (9:45 to 10:45), there will be a chalk talk (CLN-C372) in Room 409A on the same topic.

The focus of the talk will be on how to generate the better XPS so that XPS documents can be consumed efficiently. So we will go into great deails about how to measure XPS document for performance and ideas on how to generate better XPS. But we will cover XPS performance issues in general. So even if you're just consuming XPS documents, this presentation should still be very much relevant to you. The reason is that this presentation is written from the viewpoint of a XPS consumer.

I'm pretty sure that you will either learn something useful from the presentation and chalk talk, or you can teach the community something about XPS.

Optimization XPS document is just part of the story in the whole world of XPS performance. The rest of the story includes performance of XPS filter pipeline, the design and configuration of XPS filters, the performance of XPS rendering (either host based or in printer firmware).

Talking about performance and learning, Zoran (www.zoran.com) has an encouraging demo at Winhec showing that their host-based rendering engine is able to achive print-engine-limited printing speed (HP Color LaserJet 4700, 31 ppm), for normal office type text documents with some vector graphics and images.

One final note, I was told that people tend to need lots of coffee for morning session after evening party.

See you tomorrow.