Chat with Visual Studio Core team...

One of things I love at Microsoft is the possibility of getting to know what other teams are doing through our intranet – one can find product specs, alpha/beta versions of products, prototypes, usability studies, etc. It is a huge set of knowledge that is available to you and you can spend hours learning from it. It is a lot of fun as well – for example, the Group Shot application from MS Research that was just publicly released, had been available internally for a number of months now!

This time my online travels took me to the VS Core team – the team that is in charge of the core IDE, editor, extensibility, user experience, among others. As of today they are offer the “infrastructure” for the other teams (e.g. manage languages) and partners to build on top of it.

Looking for more information and after a couple of emails I was pointed to Neil Enns – Lead Program Manager at VS Core, who, by the way, joined MS to work with Windows Mobile several years ago! (Actually at that time it was not called Windows Mobile… do you remember the HP Jornadas?  How about Windows CE 1.0??? :-) I’d had contact with Neil before and was luck enough to talk to him yesterday about what they are doing, the current & future projects, challenges, Visual Studio versions, features, etc. Making a long story short and not getting into non-disclosure details, they just shipped VS 2005, are currently working on Orcas (next VS version) and starting planning version next+1!!! Believe me, those guys are having a lot of fun :-) and the outcome of all that fun will be great tools for developers targeting all kind of Windows platforms: Vista, Mobile, WinFX, manage/native code, etc. Neil, thanks for the chat!

Com'on, no details???

Unfortunately I can not comment on details :-( but why not getting a sneak peak of Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas”? Go ahead, download the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the next version of Visual Studio and learn what is coming down the road.

BTW, have I mentioned Visual Studio team is hiring? Click here and check out the open positions - make sure your resume is up to date!

Have fun!


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