Microsoft Device Emulator 2.0 Beta CTP available!

Barry, who owns WM and WinCE device emulation, let us know on this post that the new V2 Beta CTP is available for download here!

According to Barry, V2 has:

  • Much improved performance
  • DEComInterfaces.idl - the COM interface to the emulator, along with sample code showing how to use DMA to communicate between a Windows app and an app or driver running inside the emulator. This is the DeviceEmulator's equivalent of the "Building DMA Drivers for the Windows CE.NET Emulator" article at .
  • An eXDI driver for Windows CE Platform Builder 5.0, giving you a hardware debugger interface to the emulator.
  • TabletPC ink input support
  • Countless bug fixes

You will not want to miss this one, believe me :-)


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