.NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 Beta is available!

Have you seen it? .Net CF 2.0 Service Pack 1 Beta is available for download here! Check out this post from the .NET CF Team on the new features and bug fixes.

From the post above:

  • Support for WinCE 4.2. For more information see Richard Greenberg's BLOG.
  • Allow GAC to be installed to Storage Card.
  • Allow DataGrid cell drawing to be overridden.
  • Enable .NET Framework SDK Debugging via MDBG.
  • Include Network Log Viewer.
  • Include .NET Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor. For more information see Steven Pratschner's BLOG.
  • Support Headless WinCE 5.0 Devices. For more information see Mark Prentice's BLOG.
  • Add the [Serializable] attribute to better facilitate serialization extensibility and code portability.

While on their blog, make sure to read about DataGrid Control enhancements on SP1...


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