PhotoBlogMobile demo available - Simple photo blog application for Windows Mobile based devices

I made the source code of my TechEd demo available for download at GotDotNet Workspaces - you can download it here: This release allows a user to take pictures on a WM 5.0-based Smartphone, upload to a web server and notify (through SMS) WM 5.0 PPC Phone Edition users that a new picture is available. The PPC user, running the Today Plugin, will receive the picture automatically.

My plan is to continue developing it till the point it is a real application or at least a much better demo! :-) There are so many things to do that I'm inviting all you Windows Mobile developers to help me on this initiative. Please, if you want to add functionalities, test it, or just play with new releases, please apply to join the workspace - you're more than welcome!

Some TODO ideas:

  • Create a real photo blog ASP.NET server application
  • Home screen plug-in for Smartphone
  • PhotoBlogMobile for PPCs
  • Make sure plug-ins are "self-contained"
  • Implement real RSS functionalities
  • Handle non-WM devices for SMS notifications

Comments and feedback?

Let's code!!!


Tags: [Microsoft] [Windows Mobile] [Visual Studio] [PhotoBlogMobile]