Shared Source Code for Device Emulator 1.0!!!

Have you ever wonder how Device Emulator works?

Wonder no more! Barry Bond just posted about availability of shared source code for Device Emulator v1 on his blog:

This release is the full source to V1 DeviceEmulator.exe, which you can compile yourself using Visual Studio 2005.

We created this release to enable experimentation with the emulator:

  • create extensibility points to "plug in" new kinds of hardware
  • extend or modify the ARM-to-x86 JIT (hint: my blog on V2 performance at has some "homework assignment" tasks).
  • create emulators for whole new CPUs and motherboards
  • instrument the emulator to collect performance data on your application or OS image

You can download it here!

Have fun!


[Windows Mobile]
[Device Emulator]