Windows Mobile 6 SDK

With the Windows Mobile 6 announcement it is time to start talking about the new SDK we put together for this release (and I can finally tell you what I’ve been working with since I arrived here). We have been working hard on it and we all hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do :-)

What’s new for developers?

  1. Great application compatibility for Windows Mobile 5 applications
  2. .NET Compact Framework v2 SP1 in the ROM!
  3. SQL Server Compact Edition in the ROM!
  4. New APIs
    • New Sound APIs
    • WISP Lite (Yes, the same WISP technology from the TabletPC!)
  5. Several new tools:
    • Cellular Emulator (kind of having your own Mobile Operator ;)
    • Local Server Framework (aka FakeServer)
    • FakeGPS
    • Hopper
    • CabToolSigner
    • Security Configuration Manager
  6. New emulator images
  7. Platform improvements
  8. Integrated documentation

Overall Windows Mobile 6 SDK makes it easier to develop, build, test and deploy your applications.

I’ll drill down into the SDK details on my next posts – so stay tuned!