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Making Impact on Oil and Gas Industries - Microsoft Advance Analytics

Advance analytics has the potential to improve and optimize the over all cost and improve the...

Author: Agarwal Gaurav Date: 07/25/2018

Azure Data Warehouse:Understanding the DWU, workload management, resource and memory allocation

SQL Azure Data Warehouse is a MPP fully managed cloud based data warehouse. It also has a unique...

Author: Agarwal Gaurav Date: 04/18/2017

Real-time Prediction using Azure Machine Learning with Stream Analytics and Power BI

Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) and Power BI integration provide us to analyze high volume streaming...

Author: Agarwal Gaurav Date: 12/21/2016

Installing R package in Azure Machine Learning

We already know that Azure Machine Learning( supports for R language...

Author: Agarwal Gaurav Date: 12/03/2016