Local developers: Snarf Quest by Cellbloc Studios

From time to time I have the chance to promote something cool, something that is created locally and perfectly sums up why I love video games.

Today I present you Cellbloc Studios  and their creation:

You can check their Kickstarter video here:

Also, a little bit of their official release:

Cellbloc Studios is proud to present SnarfQuest Tales, the point-and-click video game starring the one-and-only Snarf, the most famous creation of Dungeons and Dragons' illustrator Larry Elmore. At long last, you can participate in the adventures of your favorite zeetvah, and his pals, including the armored warrior wizard Aveeare and the barbarian babe Telerie Windyarm, as they join forces to defeat the evil time-traveling Suthaze and his loyal guard drag-- uh, duck.

Visit SnarfQuestTales.com now to download a free demo for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Go on, check their game and give some love to local games.