Weekend links 01/11

It is that time of the week. I will share some cool links with you about tecnology and Microsoft in particular. So, let's get started.

Top Windows Phone app certification failures and how to avoid them


Publishing your Windows Phone app is a really simple process, but from time to time you will hit a road block that will slow you down. Check this article to learn how to avoid the major causes of certification failure. Sometimes it is the small details that can thwart your planned launch date and you can easily avoid those issues.

Moving to Windows Phone


You realize it is time for a change and picked the increasingly popular Windows Phone but don;t know where to start. Don;t worry, we have your back.

Exploring the Virtual Machine Depot of Community Images from Microsoft Open Technologies


Channel 9 never disappoints with their cool videos. Keep up to date with the tech world and let us know your opinions.

Spice up your Nokia App Folders setup with some Windows Phone emoji


Many updates are now available for the Nokia phones. If you want to make the best of the folders solution check this link.

Grab the Discovery News app for Windows 8!


Now all Discovery channel fans can pick their news app for the Windows Phone and will be able to keep an entire world of discovery right in their pockets.


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Have a great weekend and be Awesome.