Weekend Links 02/01

The second month of the year is already here! And before I go on a short company trip I better share with you some cool links.


Seahawks or Broncos? Either way, you’ll want these Windows Phone apps for The Big Game



This weekend is Football time! But it does not matter who you are supporting we have the perfect apps for you!


My New Games

The last couple of days I have been creating a new game focusing on Windows Phone. But in the meantime you can check my games Doodle Bombs  and  Tainted Love .


Check my other games at http://bit.ly/diegosgames



Quick tips for promoting your apps and increasing downloads in the Windows Phone Store


If you are an App developer we have some tips for you. To that list I would add: contact a Microsoft Evangelist, yes, one just like me :) and find better ways to collaborate and promote your apps with him or her in your local communities.


Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo tablets dip below $250 at Microsoft Store


I have to say that besides the Surface, in the last few months the Dell Venue Pro 8 has been one of the most pleasant surprises I have had from our cool OEMs. It is not only functional but incredibly easy to carry around to provide the best experience Windows 8.1 has to offer.


Microsoft partners with the NFL to create NFL Now, a personalized video service for fans


I told you this was a Football weekend :P Not that you need more reminders.


KinectTools for your Kinect for Windows 1.x Skeleton Drawing


If you are interested in taking the next step in your gaming path, or just have a great idea to utilize a revolutionary technology, this is the perfect link for you!