Weekend Links 07/26

Here we are again, the summer moves along and the news and articles keep coming. So, let's get to it.


Windows Store App - Using Facebook to authenticate the user


If you want to integrate Facebook Into your Windows Application, this is the link for you. In a 20 minutes video, Gianluca Bertelli gives you the basics on how to accomplish this great social feature.


TWC9: New Unified Tech Event, CH9 WP8 & 360 App's, Node.js for Visual Studio and more


A new episode from our friends at Channel 9. You know you will like it!


Writing sideloaded Windows Store apps for the Enterprise


More Channel 9 goodies, this time with a more Enterprise flavor.



Six Best Windows Phone Games for This Weekend


In case you want some fun during the weekend. I know I will try Vector Runner Remix.   


Beta release of VLC player for Windows Phone coming soon


I have to say VLC will always have a sweet spot in my my and being able to use it in my Windows Phone will be even sweeter.


Microsoft unleashes 'Settlers of Catan' on the web


Settlers of Catan. Enough Said.