Heads up: Upcoming DSL Tools CTP - file format changes

We're working to get our next Community Technical Preview shipped as soon as ever possible now.

I thought I'd give a heads up on some changes we've made and something you might want to do if you've put any data that you care about into the previous CTP.


The previous drop supported two file formats, IMS and CDL.  We're moving to a single format, which is a renaming and restructuring of the CDL format.


The new name for CDL files is DMD files (Domain Model Definition) - although don't get too attached to the name as names are never permanent at Microsoft until practically the day the product finally ships.


The route for data migration that we're going to provide is, however, via the IMS files.  There will be a tool called ImsToDmd.exe that will migrate your data forward to the new format.  What you should do to prepare depends on whether you currently have IMS files or CDL files.


If you have IMS files: Just install the new CTP and use the converter tool.

If you have CDL files: Save them as IMS files BEFORE you install the new CTP. Then install the new bits and use the converter tool.


N.B. When you save a CDL file as an IMS file, you'll lose the definitions of enumerations and will need to re-enter these.