Tangible T4 Editor

I've been remiss generally in not blogging while we've been heads down on Visual Studio Beta1, but never more so than in respect of another T4 Editor that's recently become available.

The good folks over at Tangible Engineering have been releasing several versions of their T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2008 and now have released a shiny version for Visual Studio 2010 Beta1.  How's that for speedy?

Under Visual Studio 2010 Beta1, you can find this T4 Editor by simply going to the new Extension Manager (find it under the Tools menu)

So for all you T4 fiends, you now have a choice of editors (in strictly alphabetical order)

  Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio 2005
Clarius Consulting Soon, I'm sure. ;-) Get it Get it
Tangible Engineering Get it Get it  


Keep on transforming those templates.

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