Web Service Software Factory Modeling Edition Customization via Avanade

Gerardo de Geest  and Gerben van Loon of Avanade have a great new MSDN article...

Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition, also known as the Service Factory, is a collection of resources to help you model and build Web services for Windows® Communication Foundation (WCF) and ASMX in an easy and efficient way. The main difference from previous versions of the Service Factory is that this latest edition uses models whereas the previous release was based on wizards by way of the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT). The Service Factory now allows you to build a Web service by creating three different models: the data contract model, the service contract model, and the host model. We will first discuss these three models, and then we will show you how to customize the Service Factory. You can find additional information at the Web sites listed in the "Online Service Factory Resources" sidebar.

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