Where have all the testers gone?

(With apologies to Paula Cole)

We've had jobs posted for testers for DSL Tools and the other cool Visual Studio eXtensibility things we're doing here in Redmond on the Visual Studio Ecosystem team for a while now and to my amazement, they're still open.

We're looking for a lead and a couple of individual contributors to really build out or QA team.

Here's the link for the lead position

Lead Software Development Engineer in Test

and here's the individual contributor position

Software Development Engineer in Test

As a reminder, SDETs at Microsoft spend their time working out how to test things and then building tools and code to test other code.  I think of it as a different mind-set applied to the traditional developer skill-set.  When they find something amiss, they typically analyze the product code to the point where they can tell development exactly what's wrong (and often tell us what the fix is too) and how to look for other instances of the same class of problem.  Additionally there's room for specialization in non-functional disciplines like performance testing, accessibility testing, preventative tooling, etc.

We found great folks to fill our open developer positions, but you guys just aren't biting right now for our SDET roles.  What gives?  Don't you like being paid to break things?


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