Video Showcasing Microsoft Certified Master Certification and Training Program

I went through the MCM program for Exchange 2007 a few years ago.  It was an absolutely great experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I added some grey hair during those three weeks, but it was worth every minute and ounce of energy.  I was fortunate enough to manage to pass all the exams and the qualification lab test on the first pass…which to me was huge.  It means when you leave Seattle to come back home, you are DONE.  It’s a great program run by some great folks.  Its actually sort of funny for me to watch some of the folks in the video below as you get pretty close to the folks you interact with during that time, so now I just laugh at them on video.  Either way though, their message is 100% true on on point!  Check out this video and then fight for your spot to attend the MCM program and become a Master or Architect.


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