Windows 7 – Compatibility Issues

Ok so I expected to run into some compatibility issues but some of these were unexpected; so I am going to post them here for all to see as and when I come across them or remember then.

Compatibility Issue #1 – does not support Windows 7 based on the OS version not a browser issue. I have even tried FireFox (actual the error was taken from FireFox).


The work around for this is to run IE or Firefox in compatibility mode so that it provides a down level OS version to the server.


Whilst Windows 7 is not fully supported yet, the guys at have found this workaround to work for them; thank to the support guys for their speedy response on the subject.

Compatibility #2 - Daemon Tools fails to install. This is bit of bad news for me; whilst Windows 7 does support writing ISO’s to DVD it does not as yet support mounting them as virtual drives like it does for VHDs. Given the large number of ISO’s I have (mostly Microsoft) this is definitely a feature I need, so I am on the hunt for a new tool (suggestions welcome).