Installation through MSI takes more time than XCOPY deployment

Patch on that product which was installed through XCOPY and it was installing in 39 second.

migrate to MSI and When they install the Patch on MSI.Patch takes 5 to 10 min during installation this is not acceptable. Workaround to this issue is

Elimination of self-registration custom actions during a patch install and uninstall using a custom MSI table, "BatchReg".Virtual memory prefetching of installed files, to improve the performance of the standard MSI file costing actions, Installing Multiple feature per component  modification of the with OptimizedInstallMode flag (using Orca after the .MSP file is built,since our 3.n PATCHWIZ.DLL does not support OptimizedInstallMode in the.PCP file) -- to activate flyweight patching

To Reduce time during Creation of CAB file, if you are compressing files in Patch

1.Tuning Access Time vs. Compression Ratio

Variable/Directive More Compression; Slower Access Time Less Compression; Faster Access Time

CabinetFileCountThreshold Bigger numbers Lower numbers

FolderFileCountThreshold    Bigger numbers Lower numbers

FolderSizeThreshold            Bigger numbers Lower numbers

MaxCabinetSize                   Bigger numbers Lower numbers

.New Folder                         Don't use Use often

.New Cabinet                      Don't use Use often

You might want to see Patch Optimization and Policy DisableFlyWeightPatching