Some more JLCA FAQs

Adding some more FAQs

How does conversion of Java methods work in JLCA?

Methods in Java classes are converted as appropriate to C#. JLCA allows the users to decide if they want properties or the getter-setter syntax. By default the getter-setter conversion is enabled for JLCA. In case the user wants to convert the methods appropriately to properties, the user can use the /ProcessGetSetOff Flag while conversion. This flag is not available from the JLCA Wizard but can be used if the conversion is being carried out from the command line. To access JLCA from the command line, the user may go to " <%SystemDrive%>\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\JavaLanguageConversionAssistant" directory and execute JLCA using jconvert.exe.

I have a JSP application which I want to convert to ASP.NET. What is the conversion efficiency and are there some resources I can refer to?

The conversion efficiency of converting JSP applications to ASP.NET is very high. I do not want to state any number here :) There is an extensive guide that is available for "Migrating JSP applications to ASP.NET" and is available here. It contains various whitepapers, case studies, sample code etc.

I am using Beta2 of VS2005 and encountering a problem while I try to convert my code using JLCA. Any clues?

There is a known issue in JLCA in the VS2005 Beta2 release. The workaround for the same is provided in the VSKnownIssues.rtf file which is installed with the product and is available at the location <%SystemDrive%>\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\.

Here are the details and the workaround.



: Need to update the manifest files for JLCA for Beta2. ****


: The manifest files for JLCA are not reflecting the correct version of CRT libraries that they are supposed to pick up and bind to.

This will cause the JLCA engine to stop working.


: Delete the following files JConvert.exe.manifest and VJU.exe.manifest from the install location.


The above mentioned files which need to be deleted are available at the location <%SystemDrive%>\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\JavaLanguageConversionAssistant.