Can any student get MSDN AA software?

MSDN Academic Alliance ( is an important program where Microsoft works with universities to put Microsoft software in the hands of students registered in a science, technology, math, and/or engineering program, for non-commercial use. It will continue in close cooperation with schools around the world. MSDN AA is a paid membership program for college and university departments that enables them to issue software to their students.

  • MSDN AA software and tools offering is for distribution and use by students and faculty of STEM-D (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Design) departments for in-class teaching and research use, and by students for out-of-class self-learning.
  • Any student registered to take a class in a STEM-D department is eligible to get access to ALL of the MSDN AA software and tools (not just the software being used in the class they are taking).
  • The student does not have to be a major in the STEM-D department; the student must just be registered for taking a class in STEM-D department. Also the class the student is registered for does not need to be using any of the MSDNAA software in the class. Just being registered for a class in STEM-D program is sufficient for the student to get access to ALL of the MSDN AA software -for self-study, out-of-class projects, etc.
    • For example: at Wayne State University the computer science program runs a service course CSC 1000 - Introduction to  Computer Science. This course is only for non-computer science majors and is used by the non-cs Wayne students to  satisfy the Computer Literacy  Requirement. the course itself teaches  introductory computer concepts and desktop office applications. there were 15 sections offered in Fall 2008 -
    • In this scenario, all students enrolled in the CSC 1000 are eligible to get ALL software from MSDN AA. 
  • STEM-D Students (and faculty) can install ALL software on their personal machines; in addition all department machines in labs and faculty machines can be installed with MSDN AA software.
  • Students and faculty can retain all the software on their machines even after students graduate or when faculty stop teaching.
  • In all cases the MSDN AA software can only be used for non-commercial use, such as teaching, learning, research, in or outside the classroom. The students receiving MSDN AA software are expected to conform to the non-commercial use agreement.
  • The MSDN AA Licence agreement (EULA) provides the details and is posted at

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