How can High School Teachers provide students with DreamSpark Software

DreamSpark is a program that provides verified high School and College students with professional-level developer and design software for download, at no cost.  Along with the software, the DreamSpark site includes links to FREE learning content on Windows development, Web design, Web development, and Windows Phone development.  

Student verification is done through multiple means, with the most popular one being the college-provides .edu email address of the student. Since High School students may not have a school provided .edu email address, an educator/teacher from the High School can be verified and will be provides with up to 200 access keys to the DreamSpark site that bypass student-verification.  Students can obtain these access keys from their teacher at the high School, log-on to DreamSpark site to enter the access key at and download the software from DreamSpark.

The steps for Educator/teacher sign-up at

  1. At, click on ‘Sign In’
  2. image
  3. Sign-up for a Windows Live ID, if you do not already have one;
  4. Log into your Windows Live ID
  5. Click on ‘Get Verified’
  6. image
  7. On the resulting ‘Get Verified with DreamSpark’ page, select the choice to  “Verify as a School” and click on “Content to Sign Up Your School”
  8. image
  9. Click ‘Continue’ on the ‘DreamSpark for High School’ page
  10. On the resulting ‘Product Information’ page, enter the number of DreamSpark Access keys you need and click ‘Order Now’ button
  11. image
  12. On the ‘High School Administrator Information’ page, enter your contact information and select ‘Continue’
  13. image
  14. On the “Review My Order” page,  review your contact information, review the ‘Legal Agreement’ by scrolling, select the “I Agree” check box and click on “Place Order”
  15. image
  16. You will a confirmation of the order with an ETA for the DreamSpark access codes.
  17. Once you get the DeamSpark access codes, do share them with students – one per student.  Students enter the access key at and download the software from DreamSpark.
  18. if at anytime you have a question or do not get the DreamSpark access codes requested, please submit your support request at;en;1333&WS=DreamSparkHS


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