How to get Expression Media from Dreamspark and MSDNAA


Expression Studio 3 is now available for download from Dreamspark and MSDNAA programs. Expression Studio 3 includes:

  1. Expression Web: tool for creating great looking web sites that are standards based.
  2. Expression Blend: tool for interaction design for rich user experiences
  3. SketchFlow: tool to build fast easy prototypes
  4. Expression Design: tool for creating rich graphical content
  5. Expression Encoder: tool for encoding video for website

Expression Studio 3 does not include Expression Media.  Expression Media is a tool for cataloguing digital assets and was a part of the Expression Studio 2.

If you need the tool for cataloguing program for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, you can download the Expression Studio 2 in MSDNAA or from Dreamspark program.

Expression Studio 2 page on DreamSpark can be reached at Alternatively there is also a link to the Expression Studio 2 page from the Expression Studio 3 download site on Dreamspark.


It is best to install Expression Media 2 before installing the Expression Studio 3 version of the other tools. If you have trouble with the downloads or just have questions about the Dreamspark program, DreamSpark Support is available at;en;1333&WS=DreamSpark

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