Imagine Cup competitions for Student Career development

I talk to technology students in Universities across the Midwest and am often asked:

  • What kinds of technology jobs will be available in the future?
  • What skills should I learn in college to prepare for the jobs?

With the growth of disruptive technologies and the Wide adoption of Web 2.0 technologies, it is imperative that technology students demonstrate skills and experience that set them apart. Imagine Cup competitions provide you an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their abilities to incorporate technology in their field of choice, to meet the challenges of a flat Web 2.0 world, giving them a differentiating edge  and making them attractive to potential employers. In order to broadly share our vision of the future for a variety of student majors, and help them prepare for this future, we have started a student competition called Imagine Cup This year's theme is "Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment."


Imagine Cup has 9 different categories for the different student interests:

  1. Software Design
  2. Embedded Development
  3. Game Development using XNA Game Studio Express
  4. Project Hoshimi
  5. IT Challenge
  6. Algorithm
  7. Photography
  8. Short film
  9. Interface Design