Investigating Gatineau for Web Analytics

I just signed-up for the Microsoft adCenter web Analytics tool - Gatineau. As the sign-up is by invitation only, you can request an invite code at

The process described in the invite was quite confusing and with a few trial-and-error mis-steps, i seem to have created the tracking

  1. After agreeing to the Analytics license agreement and creating an AdCenter Analytics account
  2. and typing the website domain name
  3. selecting the Automatic option for inserting a custom tracking script on the webpage gave me errors as adCenter could not connect via ftp to this web server
  4. I chose to go the manual route and it worked.

Once the tracking mechanism was setup, I was sent to the Analytics page at with 2 icons - profiles and Users. Clicking on the Profiles icon, I verified that my blog site was being tracked. It also gave me the ability to add other sites for tracking. Do NOT forget to add the tracking code to any new site you add here.   It seems like I can collect data on multiple sites in a single profile.

Now that the tracking is setup and Microsoft adCenter Analytics is collecting data, i will post the results periodically.

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