On-ramp for IT Pros for Windows Vista Adoption with a Springboard Series

Adopting a new OS can be very challenging; it can be one of the hardest things that IT Pros implement for their organization. The benefits though, can outweigh the pain with the right assistance throughout the adoption process.

Springboard Series is available on the Windows Vista TechCenter: www.microsoft.com/technet/springboard

Aimed at IT implementers the Springboard Series is designed to improve the on-boarding & adoption experience by answering critical questions and offering the right tools, & resources at the right technical depth at the right time in the adoption process. Further, it introduces a more frank, open tone with monthly straight-talk articles and community best practices.

In summary the Springboard Series points IT Pros to a growing portfolio of recommended materials, resources and bite-sized experiences at critical points in OS adoption in order to ease their adoption experience.