Support for Silverlight and Mozilla FireFox in Coded UI Test and MTM is out

We released Feature Pack 2 for Visual Studio 2010 yesterday.  This feature pack is mostly targeted for testing functionalities around Coded UI Test and Fast Forward feature of Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).  The functionality here includes -

  • Test Silverlight 4.0 applications using Coded UI Test (or Fast Forward feature of MTM)
  • Playback on Mozilla FireFox 3.5 or 3.6.
  • Edit coded UI tests using the Coded UI Test Editor

For more details on the functionality in the Feature Pack 2, check the documentation here.

Note -

  1. Feature Pack 2 is available to customers with MSDN subscription only i.e. VS Ultimate with MSDN, VS Premium with MSDN or VS Test Professional with MSDN.
  2. Feature Pack 2 includes Feature Pack 1 (on modeling and architecture tools).
  3. For questions on Feature Pack 2 or functionality therein, use the Coded UI Test forum.