Product Review: Toshiba M400 Tablet PC

Review: Toshiba M400 Tablet PC

Rating: 4/5




I’ve been using my Toshiba M400 for about 7 months now, so I thought I’d do a quick review on this Tablet PC hardware to share my experiences. This is not the first Toshiba Tablet PC that I’ve had. The machine I was replacing was a Toshiba MM200, which proved to be a very robust high quality piece of hardware. It featured a 1400x1050 display, 1GB ram, and a great digitizer. Since I use my Tablet PC to write code, I got used to the 1400x1050 display resolution, and wanted something comparable. I needed something with the horsepower required to run Vista efficiently, so I took a look at the M400. I liked the fact that the size and weight was the same as the M200, but it also had a built in DVD burner. I opted for the Core2-Duo model with 2GB RAM. I’ve run both XP Tablet PC edition, as well as Vista, and both perform real well on this Tablet PC. The screen is great, and it has been very reliable. My only real complaint is that Toshiba doesn’t know where to put the Windows key J.



- Powerful

- Good form factor

- Reliability

- Features


- Heavy

- Battery Life (about 2 hours with screen at 50%)