Tablet PC: InkAnalysis now available from the RTM Windows Vista SDK

Well, now that the Windows Vista SDK has been released to the web:

there are now two options for developing Tablet PC applications that utilize the InkAnalysis API!

Option 1: Install the Tablet PC Platform SDK 1.7 and Input Supplement, see the following post for instructions:

This option installs all InkAnalysis binaries and exposes the Winforms and COM InkAnalysis APIs

Option 2: Install the Windows Vista SDK (link above)

This option does not install the InkAnalysis binaries, but exposes the Winforms, COM, and WPF InkAnalysis binaries – this allows you to use InkAnalysis with the Windows Presentation Framework! See the following instructions from my RC1 post for setup details: but install the RTM Vista SDK from the link at the top of this post.

More details on InkAnalysis in the Windows Presentation Framework later!

See Ya,