Upcoming changes for System.Device.Location in .NET 4 RC web release

Hello all- just wanted to inform you of some changes that will be coming in the .NET 4 / Visual Studio 2010 RC release related to the new Location API in System.Device.dll


Here’s a high-level view of the .NET 4 Beta 2 Location API: (first public release)


For RC and RTM, there will be a few changes for this API:

1. GeoCoordinate data (latitude, longitude, altitude, etc) and CivicAddress data are not exposed on the same object as they were in Beta 2

2. The CivicAddressResolver object is used to take a GeoCoordinate, and resolve an address from that geodetic position

3. Status and permissions are now separate properties on GeoCoordinateWatcher (formerly called GeoLocationProvider)

4. Other naming and minor changes


And here’s a high-level view of the .NET 4 RC and RTM Location API:


I’ll cover the RC/RTM API object model in greater detail in future posts, but wanted to get the word out on these changes since the RC RTW (Release To Web) date is rapidly approaching.


Also note that there will not be a docs refresh online for the RC release, so you won’t see updated MSDN docs for this API until RTM.


Until later,