Windows 7 Beta Released!


If you've been wondering what's new in Windows 7, you should install Windows 7 Beta which has just been released:

This is a great opportunity to check out the new Windows Sensor and Location Platform. By installing the SDK and WDK, you can get started with sensor driver and application development.

The Windows 7 Beta SDK download is located here

The Windows 7 Beta WDK (connect registration required) is located here

Some of my favorite things about Windows 7:
- Sensor and Location platform (I'm biased here :) )
- Adaptive Brightness (Automatic control of screen brightnes based on light sensor input)
- New shell features (superbar, etc)
- Network connection features (click connect/disconnect from systray icon menu)
- Boot performance - (Due to service control manager and related service statup optimizations)
- Projection with Win+P (Always works!)
- ....and the list goes on!

I've been running Windows 7 exclusively for about a year now, and I'll have to say, I know the world is going to love this OS!

For more information about Sensors and Location in Windows 7, please visit!

Until next time,