Have I upgraded my MOSS environment with SP1 successfully?

The easiest way for founding out whether your SP1 upgrade was successful is to check on the version number.

To view the Servers in Farm page

1. Use one of the following methods to open the Servers in Farm page:

· On the Central Administration home page, click Operations. Then, on the Operations page, in the Topology and Services section, click Servers in farm.

· From Internet Explorer, connect to the following Web page:


ServerName is the name of the server, and Port is the port that is configured for the Central Administration Web site.

2. On the Servers in Farm page, next to Version, verify the version number of each server in the farm to verify that each one has been updated to the new binary version.

The following Office SharePoint Server 2007 version numbers are correct:

· Release

· October public update

For more information about the software updates in the October public update, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 937832: Description of the security update for SharePoint Server 2007: October 9, 2007 (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=102083&clcid=0x409).

· Service Pack 1

If the version number matches the version number for the software update, you have succeeded in updating the server.