NIB Goes live with MOSS

Following site has gone live with MOSS.

Unique World was the partner delivered the work.































  • Complex and sophisticated design, which resulted in minimal infrastructure and performance overheads
  • A solution that fully utilised and maximised the SharePoint Solution Package and deployment features, to highly automate the process of deploying solution changes to various and numerous operating environments
  • Integrating and customising sophisticated and highly usable navigation tools
  • Automatic setting of web configuration via code at run time
  • Custom portal provisioning tools that enabled the creation of the entire site heirarchy in a highly customised way
  • SharePoint Variation feature successfully adopted to enable extranet sites to be created, based upon target areas of the internet site to be shared across the extranets customised, via the Variations feature, to provide content relevant specifically to the extranet site being published



  • Complex design, required highly customisable code/page layouts that required significant rework to support 4 diverse browsers (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari)
  • Integrating the SharePoint solution with NIB's existing legacy ASP.NET application
  • Integrating Ajax with SharePoint (caused stability issues and code maintenance/debugging complexities front the front end and back end integrated solutions)
  • Defining requirements sufficiently and precisely enough to reduce scope challenges
  • Defining a solution that would enable shared pages/features/content to be reused across various areas of the site, without the need for duplication
  • SharePoint CSS management and rendering; especially difficult and complex due to highly demanding design requirements
  • Project resources with limited SharePoint deep experience, necessary to deliver the required solution in a timely and quality manner
  • Code/solution artefact management issues - often resulting in technical staff needing to reapply their changes/fixes as a consequence of their orginal changes being lost/overwritten due to outcomes of the deployment process
  • Committing to a solution that had not been adequately tried and tested before; high risk solution, minimal and challenged SharePoint expertise