SharePoint Sessions at TechEd Australia 2009


It’s getting closer to the event and most of you are looking at building your session schedule. Following are some of the SharePoint related sessions if you are attending teched. ****

DYN330 SharePoint Strategies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Presenter: Jian Sun

Wed 9/9 | 17:00-18:15 | Meeting Room 5

In this session, we will take the SharePoint "feature pie" apart, look hard at each one of them; Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Content Management, Portal and Collaboration etc. Explore how each of these can be leveraged to add values to organizations' Line of Business applications built on xRM. Technically, this will touch on all the existing integration points MSCRM has with SharePoint, like; Enterprise Search Accelerator for Enterprise Search, Document Library for content management and collaboration, CRM webparts and BDC List Webparts for Portal, Surfacing Analytics Accelerators' reports, dashboards, cube data through SharePoint for Business Intelligence.

MGT302 Protecting Applications with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 with SP1

Presenter: Jason Buffington

Wed 9/9 | 15:30-16:45 | Meeting Room 5

This is the second of three sessions on System Center Data Protection Manager 2007. In this talk, we drill into how Data Protection Manager really uses VSS and transactional log backups -- as well as learn more specifically how data protection is achieved for each of the core workloads, including: SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, and Virtualization.

MGT307 Monitoring SharePoint applications with SCOM 2007 and the AVIcode SharePoint MP

Presenters: Chris Childers, Andrew McMurray

Fri 9/11 | 13:45-15:00 | Meeting Room 7

This session presents an overview, demonstration and strategy for effectively monitoring your SharePoint 2007 environment. Ensuring the SharePoint Server platform, and connected components, are behaving as expected, is critical. Problems occurring with components in custom SharePoint web parts, such as slow-running lists or searches, are typically not visible until an end-user complains. The AVIcode SharePoint 2007 Application Management Pack extends the native monitoring capabilities of Operations Manager 2007, enabling organizations to detect and diagnose problems related to their SharePoint Web applications.


OFC210 The Front End to Microsoft Business Intelligence

Presenters: Rainier Bryce, Nadav Rayman

Wed 9/9 | 15:30-16:45 | Meeting Room 6

Microsoft Business Intelligence is a set of capabilities that you probably already own. In this session, you will learn how to achieve Personal BI - delivered through Excel and Access, Team BI - delivered with SharePoint Excel Services, Business Data Catalogue, and SQL Server Reporting Services and finally, Organisational BI - delivered with SharePoint and PerformancePoint Services. This session includes demonstrations of these 3 solutions plus a discussion of how they interoperate and come together to deliver a holistic view that drives insight, alignment, accountability, and agility throughout your business.


OFC250 Collaboration in the Cloud and the datacentre - no code solutions to SharePoint customisation

Presenters: William Cornwill, Lee Hickin

Fri 9/11 | 9:45-11:00 | Meeting Room 7

Are you looking to implement SharePoint? Are you confused on where and how to deploy SharePoint? Join William Cornwill and Lee Hickin from Microsoft as they discuss provisioning options for Microsoft SharePoint including in-house, hosted and cloud. Understand the pros/cons and architectural differences for each model. William and Lee will also discuss the different customisation options available for each model and demonstrate the capabilities of SharePoint online.


OFC320 SharePoint Architecture, deployment and get ready for next release SharePoint 2010

Presenters: Gayan Peiris, Ivan Wilson

Fri 9/11 | 8:15-9:30 | Arena 1A

Are you looking at deploying or have already deployed SharePoint in your environment? In this session learn from the experts about infrastructure sizing considerations, architecting SharePoint farms for high availability and handling user authentication in diverse environments. You will discover the tools to make operations easier, such as the System Center Capacity Planning Tool, Community Built add-ons, , and using capabilities of SQL Server to improve uptime provide data protection and recovery. Finally, learn about key considerations for future versions of SharePOint and what you can do now to help simplify your next SharePoint migration.

OFC350 Designing for Enterprise Grade Document Management Systems

Presenters: Jon Barrett, John Wise

Thu 9/10 | 17:00-18:15 | Central A

There are many challenges to implementing Enterprise-grade,large scale Document Management solutions, both cultural and technical. In this session learn how MOSS 2007 and ISV Partner solutions address thekey challenges including enforcement of consistent metadata and content types across multiple farms, geo-replication of content, archival, records management, storage of very-large documents, migration of data from legacy file stores, end-user change management, and governance. The solutions you will see are based on real-world implementations and case studies. You'll walk away confident that MOSS is a mature platform for enterprise-grade Document Management.


SOA313 BizTalk 2009 & MOSS 2007 as your Integration Solution

Presenters: Bill Chesnut, Eddy Richard

Thu 9/10 | 11:30-12:45 | Meeting Room 7

Traditionally and for most business users, integration solutions have been hidden in the back office: a case of out of mind, out of sight. Let us show you that is not the case. By leveraging the front office features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and the back office integration features of BizTalk 2009, you can expose your integration solution to the whole business. This will give you greater visibility and control of your integration solutions. As a platform for storing, managing and organising large numbers of documents, SharePoint delivers departmental applications with rich functionality in addition to the ASP.Net Web Part framework. SharePoint provides authentication, role based security trimming and personalisation. This is combined with the powerful search capabilities it offers. Many end users are already familiar with how SharePoint looks and feels as they have experienced it as their Intranet platform. BizTalk can be partnered with SharePoint in several ways. We will focus on two areas: solutions to enhance the visibility of your BizTalk integration solution; and, extend your SharePoint based solution to leverage the line of business adapters, EDI/AS2 and BizTalk accelerators. This approach will allow you to reach deeper into your infrastructure or interact closer with your customers. We will demonstrate surfacing your auditing, logging and exception management from BizTalk in SharePoint. We will also show how and when to use BizTalk to extend your SharePoint solutions.

DEV340 Building Solutions with Sharepoint and Visual Tools for Office

Presenters: Andrew Coates, Jeremy Thake

Wed 9/9 | 15:30-16:45 | Central A

"The Microsoft Office system evolved from a suite of personal productivity products into a comprehensive, multifaceted, and integrated system. Building on a solid foundation of familiar tools, the Microsoft Office system today includes applications, servers, services, and technologies designed to work together to solve a wide array of business problems. Jeremy Thake and Andrew Coates will present the SharePoint server and Office client tools available. This session will walk you through the journey of discovery on how to best leverage the client/server platform to build your solutions. Discussions around the new client side VSTO tools and the server side VSeWSS tools will focus on the creation of solutions from initial development to deployment. Come along to this demo-filled session to learn how to take advantage of the millions of programming hours that have gone into the Office platform and the .NET Framework and truly Stand on the Shoulders of Giants!"