Being fueled by developer passion

Tonite I came across this really nice post from Kelly (@kellabyte) on how passion drives her to continually learn and explore. She also talks about how a simple idea ends up igniting the fires and quickly spawns into putting in a lot of late nights :-) Kelly also talks about the challenge of finding an environment that lets you fulfill those desires as part of your day job rather than just in the off hours. I really appreciate Kelly’s honesty and passion, it shines through in her article.

As a side note, I can totally resonate with what Kelly’s saying. I was there for over 10 years. At each place I was trying to find my “groove”, but none of the places felt quite right. Flash forward and I can say that persistence, resilience and relentlessness finally did pay off (fortunately). Certainly there were many tradeoffs in getting where I wanted to be. And although your employer might not like this, for me it meant jumping around until I found the thing that made me happy.

It can happen….I am living proof!

Check out Kelly’s post. How does it resonate with you?