Get trained on Web Client Software Factory 2.0

David Platt just announced a new 4 day course on WCSF from April 8th to 11th. Register here.

One of the repeated requests I hear from customers working with WCSF and SCSF is "Where can I get training?". Fortunately thanks to David Platt, this has not been a problem for CAB customers with both his CAB Course and book. David's CAB course takes your through the essentials of building a composite application. This raises the question of why not have training on WCSF as well?  I asked the same question to David when we were together in Tech-Ed Europe, and his answer was a newly announced four day course on WCSF!

Here's an outline of what you'll cover on each day.


In addition to the core WCSF features, he'll cover the new ASP.NET AJAX bundles and as a bonus how to customize the Guidance Package.

If you are looking to ramp up yourself or you team on WCSF, then I strongly suggest you attend. Prior attendees to David's classes say they are indispensable. Hurry as time is running out!