Help my friend Scott Hanselman raise $50000 for Diabetes!

I’ve got a good friend Scott. He works at Microsoft, he’s a technical leader, and an awesome individual. He also lives every day plagued with being a Type I diabetic. I have known Scott for years and never realized just what he and others like him go through each day as he struggles with this illness. As a matter of fact you can spend quite a bit of time with him without even having a clue of his condition as he is so good at hiding it. Scott never complains, instead he takes action whether it is promoting awareness of Diabetes or helping to raise money to find a cure.

Scott has now set out to raise $50000 dollars for the ADA Diabetes Walk 2010. $30000 has been raised so far, that leaves $20000 to go. He needs your help. Help him! (and all others that will beneift) I and many others did.

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Watch the video, get educated, help find a cure!!!