Learning about MEF in SL4 from Mike Taulty


One of the questions we get quite often is “Why should I use MEF?” and “How can i use MEF?”. Fortunately one of our awesome field guys Mike Taulty has been rising to the occasion. He’s put together a great set of web casts on everything you wanted to know about using MEF in Silverlight 4. These are not just MEF 101 videos. He starts there, but quickly moves into deeper and more complex scenarios for MEF usage such as overriding host configuration, recomposition, and catalog customization. Mike also does a great job of explaining not just how to do things, but how it is working under the hood.

I highly recommend you check out Mike’s Channel 9 videos, his recent SLUG talk as well as his growing library of blogs posts on MEF. I am sure we’re going to see great things coming from Mike around MEF in the future.  Don’t miss out!

MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 1, Introduction

MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 2, Imports & Exports

MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 3, Catalogs

MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 4, Recomposition

MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 5, the PackageCatalog

MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Par…ing Defaults & ExportProviders