IIS 7 Installation Script for Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 for an SCCM Installation

I have been using a script to help install IIS 7 when planning to build a Configuration Manager 2007 server .

In Server 2008, one of the Microsoft product teams removed WebDAV as an installable role feature from Windows Server 2008 Server Manager applet. So, to install WebDAV you would have to download the WebDAV installers from from the Microsoft Download Center and install them separately. The script I used to use called the WebDAV installation as separate functions.

In Server 2008 R2, the powers that be added WebDav back as an installable role feature in SCCM, which is a good move if you ask me, but it did cause some complications in my script.

So any way, I edited the script to check the Operating System it is running on. If Server 2008, servermanagercmd.exe will install all the required roles for SCCM (including ASP which is only required for Reporting Points). If Server 2008 non-R2, the script will look for a folder called WDAV and will install the required version of WebDAV based on the server architecture. If running under Windows Server R2, the WDAV folder is not required because it can now install WebDAV using ServerManagerCmd.exe.

Once complete, the AppCMD.exe utility is used to configure WBDAV as per Microsoft documentation for SCCM.

How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for Site Systems

Once the script is complete, you will be informed that the installation was successful. I have tested this script many times. It may not work unless User Access Control is disabled.

Get Script Here:

Here is a ZIP file with the install script and the WDAV folders which includes the separate WebDAV source files as well.