29 New iPod Killers [contenders] for Xmas

This MP3newswire article reviews 29 new competitors to Apple's iPod.  Two which I've blogged about before, the SanDisk Sansa and Microsoft's Zune.

I really like what they said about the Sansa:

As a manufacturer of flash memory SanDisk has a significant advantage over any other MP3 maker (with the exception of Samsung who also make flash chips). Not only does the company get the latest greatest for itself, but it cuts out the middleman meaning its costs are lower.

SanDisk is positioned pretty well to deliver on economic value for their products.  I think that calling out the competitive advantage that they have as a memory manufacturer is seminal to their competitive strategy.

Aside from their analysis of SanDisk's market strategy, I like the mention of throwback Rio Karma/Carbon design from LG's MFFM20 [Stuff Magazine].

Also of interest to me was the iRiver S10 [ICT Blog].  It looks very similar to the iPod shuffle but has a large color screen.  MP3newswire says:

Just days after Apple unveiled its latest iPod update iRiver quietly introduced its latest portable player, the iRiver S10. Sporting a 1.5” OLED color display, this little player matches well against the new iPod nano, while coming in about the size of the new iPod shuffle.

Definately worth a look if you want a tiny player this holiday season.