Blu-ray held back until June 20th

So now we not only have a large lead ahead of Sony with the 360, we have a two month lead for the HD-DVD format which we're pushing.

From ehomeupgrade:


In order to get a more coordinated launch, retailers have asked studios to hold off on shipping Blu-ray titles until June 20th to better coincide with Blu-ray player release dates. Samsung not to long ago announced their first Blu-ray player would not be available until June 25th, a month behind schedule. No doubt this news will help HD-DVD backers in the short-term, but overall consumer enthusiasm and adoption for next-gen DVD discs has been weak. A recent poll conducted by Peerflix Inc., an online DVD trading service company, found that only 1 in 5 users were considering a high-definition DVD player purchase in 2006. (For fun, you might also want to read why some say you should boycott both Blu-ray and HD-DVD.)