Forecast looks good for the Xbox 360

I really like Gaming 360's summary of the Microsoft forecast for 360 sales.

When the 360 first came out, I was not entirely sure as to what would happen with the latest and greatest Microsoft consumer product.  Actually, up until after E3 I was not completely confident in Microsoft's ability to dethrone Sony who currently reigns as gaming console king.

After E3, and given the current forecast, I think that Microsoft is in a very strong position for the coming generation of video game consoles and we may even have an offering that will come out ahead of Sony.  Before E3 this year, this seemed impossible, but at this point, anything is possible and console leadership from Microsoft is seeming less and less impossible.  Let's just hope we can build up an installed base of 10,000,000 by Christmas, oh and 5,000,000 on XBL.